Sushi Bars, Japanese

Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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    3.5 stars

Kenka is the best place to spend your leisure time tasting delicious food and enjoying the nice atmosphere. After visiting our restaurant you will definitely have a wish to come back!


Adress: 25 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 254-6363

Work Hours

Mon6:00 pm-1:00 am
Tue6:00 pm-1:00 am
Wed6:00 pm-1:00 am
Thu6:00 pm-1:00 am
Fri6:00 pm-3:00 am
Sat6:00 pm-3:00 am
Sun6:00 pm-1:00 am


  • Daniel Huang

    star star star star star 14 July 2019

    I've been going to Kenka for years now and they never disappoint. There can be a line at the door and it may take u some time to get a seat, but it's totally worth it. Just a wonderful atmosphere inside to drink and eat with friends. The food is delicious and they have a huge selection of sake as well as beer from the tap. The staff is always rotating, but always friendly. Don't for get about the cotton candy machine outside, u get to use it after pay for your check.

  • Harish G Nair

    star star star star star_border 9 July 2019

    Good crowded place for Japanese food..with wild exhilarating decor not for the faint of heart 😉 You should visit to start with one time. The food we had was good. And you get a small sweet do it yourself desert when you are getting out.

  • Omar

    star star star star star_border 30 June 2019

    Loved this place. If you're looking for an authentic izakaya I don't think you could go wrong with this space. Unfortunately, the service could've been better the night I visited. It was the first hour they had opened and our party was aware of the rules about the order minimum per person but for some reason this became a point of contention as the visit progressed. We were reminded about it anyways and let our server know that we would order something later. Easy plan Instead, another dish was brought out that we hadn't ordered and we were questioned about it when we declined it. After this, our table was skipped multiple times not even allowing us to complete our minimum order that we agreed to and wanted to fulfill. As if we had caused and were punished for this mistake on their part. I don't blame the establishment but I do blame the waiter who purposefully avoided our table and not allowed us to rectify any confusion on their part. We loved the place and wanted to spend money there! Completely unfortunate on the timing. We left when we were finally able to be served again when we would've have stayed longer because we did not trust the waiter to want to do their part on this and had to leave on time. Too bad. I'll still visit this place whenever I get a chance

  • Jamie Lin

    star star star star star 28 June 2019

    I have great memories of this place! The food is frankly not the best in the world, but the prices are very good, and I at least like the atmosphere. It's always fun here!

  • Kasha Pazdar

    star star star star star 23 June 2019

    I went here with friends and it was a great place to get late night food and drink. Friendly staff, good Japanese bar food. Really really inexpensive beer compared to some of the other places on the street. The decor and flavor of the place was awesome. I've never been in a place like it. Lots of Japanese vintage posters and ads and some interesting NSFW decor. Remember to save the cotton candy sugar for the cotton candy machine at the end of your meal!